Big Wheel


BIG WHEEL HAS been serving Melbourne since 2015. WE ARE SPECIALIST IN AIRPORT TRANSFERS. MOREOVER, Our wide range of maxi cabs fleet available throughout Melbourne. BIG WHEEL service is very reasonable and convenient. Our aim is to provide a cheap maxi cabs service. We only compromise in price, but we never compromise in our service level. Booking a taxi with us gets you peace of mind of on time pick up and DROP OFF.

About Maxi Cab Booking

Booking a maxi cab with us is very simple and easy. We recommend to pre-book a taxi for hassle free transfers. Pre-book our Maxi taxi through our website Best way to book a maxi cab is by calling our taxi contact number 0414999990. However, we can provide you with a reasonable fixed price quote for your journey. Moreover, flexible payment options give you the opportunity to prepay your trip or pay after finishing the trip. 

About Maxi Taxi Capacity

Maxi Taxis are designed to keep a large group in mind. Usually people travel in a large group for a night out. Also Maxi taxis are great for an airport trip, when you are travelling with family. Maxi cabs are also able to carry lots of luggage. Capacity of up to 11 people comfortably handle a day out in Melbourne. 

Maxi Cabs And Maxi Van Prices

All the Maxi Cabs have a standard taxi meter. However, up to 4 passengers can travel in a maxi without extra cost. But, if the passengers are more than 4, maxi taxis are charged $14 a high occupancy fees. So, be careful if you are catching a taxi from the taxi rank and the first taxi is maxi. Driver can’t charge anything extra if you’re the only one passenger.

Fixed Price Service

We know lots of people prefer to pay fixed prices. To keep people’s choice in mind, we introduce a fixed price maxi service. Moreover, our quote includes booking fees, tolls and any traffic delay. There are no hidden charges when you book a transfer with Melbourne maxi taxi.

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